Novice Program

This is an introductory program that will build skills in how to play volleyball, how to serve the ball, how to hit the ball, learn the different types of passes, and learn what it means to set the ball. Come and see if volleyball is the sport for you. Learn the fundamentals of the sport and how to play the game. This program is full of energy and no stop fun. 

January 13 - May 31

When                Sunday       
                            2:00-3:00 PM              

Cost                  $80 per month (4 consecutive weeks) or $25 per practice.

Intermediate Program

This program is designed for those players who want to develop and improve the core and intermediate skills needed to play effectively in a bump, set, and hit team offense. Coaches focus on the fundamental skills of passing, setting, hitting, serving, and blocking by breaking each skill down and helping players master each component. 

May - October

Wednesday     7:00-8:00 PM

Saturday          11:00-12:00 PM

$160 per month (8 
consecutive practice) or $25 per practice

Maintenance Program

Success on the court comes from hard work. A volleyball-specific maintenance program can help optimize a player’s performance during the School Volleyball season when preparing for the Club season.

August -October

When                Saturday         11:00-12:00 PM              

Cost                  $100 for 5 classes or $25 cash for 1 class

Please text, call, or email before you come to check for availability 

Elite Program

This program is designed for those players who want to take their volleyball skills to the next level. We teach defense, rotation patterns, positions and responsibilities, high-level hitting, setting, blocking, and serving. Sand Volleyball Training included
Dedication and commitment to hard work is a must in our Advanced Volleyball programs.
May -July
When        Monday         7:00-8:30 PM
                     Wednesday   7:00-8:30 PM
                     Saturday        10:30-12:00 PM

Cost        $320 per month ( 12 consecutive practice ) or $30 per practice