One on One/ Private Lessons

Private volleyball coaching has been proven to help athletes reach their full potential by increasing ability and fitness while minimizing injury. By working one on one with a coach, athletes receive valuable individual attention and instruction. Coaches can target areas for improvement and work on these areas to fill in any gaps in playing or technique, thereby maximizing performance capabilities. Private volleyball training is often more constructive than group sessions or practice, making it a powerful tool for the individual volleyball athlete.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up a lesson. 
text: 404)457-4013 or 470)331-998

One on One Lesson: $70 per hour lesson
2 Players Lesson (Buddy Lesson): $60/ per hour lesson per player
3 Players Lesson (Group Lesson): $50/ per hour lesson 
per player
4 Players Lesson (Group Lesson): $40/per hour lesson 
per player

5 Lessons Package:
1 Player $300 ($60 per lesson)
2 Players Lessons (Buddy Lesson): $250/per player
3 Players Lesson (Group Lesson): $200/
per player

Packages Must be paid in full prior to the first lesson.


All fees are nonrefundable