USA Volleyball Coronavirus Protocol 

The safety of our members, spectators, staff, and athletes are of utmost concern. In reviewing the current data on Coronavirus and existing direction from City, State, and Federal agencies, we are proceeding with SRVA Events as scheduled. Per the USAV website under which these events are sanctioned, USA Volleyball has determined that it would be premature to cancel our tournaments at this time as the risk is still very low in the United States. That being said, they are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and may alter their decision should the need arise.

Moving forward we are asking the following guidelines be observed:

  • We request any individual who does not feel well to stay at home.
  • Please implement Self-Quarantine for the safety of others.
  • If you have traveled to high-risk areas or feel you may have otherwise been exposed, please remain at home.
  • Pick up and dispose of your own drink bottles and trash…do not leave at the bench or spectator areas.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands throughout the day, and certainly before you eat or drink.


  • At the start or conclusion of a match there will be no high-fives or handshaking with opposing teams.
  • The R1 will go to the stand and beckon the starting players to the end line.
  • Only the six starting players will go to the end line.
  • The R1 beckons for the players to go to their starting positions not the net.
  • R2 checks line-ups give the court back to the R1 and the match starts.
  • Substitutions, there is no need for players to touch to complete this action.
  • During side changes, players and coaches should avoid direct contact.
  • When the game ends, R1 releases players directly to their respective benches.
  • Scorers should bring their own pens and pencils.
  • Athletes and coaches acting as an R2 should clean their hands before popping their whistle (which also needs cleaning) into their mouths. 
  • Please remember we cannot effectively clean volleyballs, which are made of a porous leather surface and do not react well to spray and gels.  It’s another reason for players to keep their hands away from their face.  We can only control what we can control.

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