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Real Volleyball  2019-2020 Club teams Schedule 

 SATURDAY Scrimmage &  Workout

Practice Policy 

The purpose of practice is to prepare a group of individual players to be successful as a team in the competition. A player spends much more time in the practice session than in the tournament session. A team will not be able to play at a championship level unless that level is set at every practice. The practice is where we develop habits to attain success. These habits are developed in many areas especially work ethic and skill development. These habits allow each player to perform at a high level without thought or hesitation.

The practice setting is where championship teams are trained and developed. Nothing magical will happen in the competition that has not been executed in the practice countless times before. Simply put, if you have not perfected it in practice then do not expect it to happen during the intensity of competition. The lessons and habits learned in practice can be good or bad; they can assure success or guarantee failure. Coaches want to give as much opportunity for their team to win that is why planning, preparation, and workload of practice will dictate the level of success. 

All athletes are expected to attend every practice. Only an illness serious enough to keep the athlete home from school or a genuine family emergency is a legitimate excuse for missing practice.

Absences: Call the coach or email or text if you are to be absent. If you have a school event, it is always excused and you will always know in advance! So call or email in advance. The night before of activity is not in advance! If you fail to communicate the absence will be counted as unexcused. 

We always think of the team. If you are ill, it is understandable that you will not attend, please don’t attend. But a phone call prior to practice is in order, this phone call should occur in the morning, not one hour prior to practice. The coach plans drills and each player has a role, your missing will change the practice. Our attendance ratio should be very high. It is important to keep it that way as teams only practice two or three times per week. All practices count!

We do not expect players on our 1’s teams to miss practices even during spring break. One week of missed practices puts our teams behind physically and with their skills and unfortunately, spring break occurs in the middle of our season and usually prior to a National Qualifier. 

Consequences for missing practices:

  • If an athlete has eight (8) absences during the season, the Coaching Director and Club Director will conduct a review to determine if that Athlete should remain with the Team.

  • Missing more than ½ of practice counts as an absence. Flexibility will be extended to school departure time and school location as well as the location of residence in relation to practice site.

  • All absences from practices will be evaluated by the Coaching Director/Club Director with proper documentation on a case by case basis.

  • Unexcused Missing of one practice Athlete will be suspended first set at the tournament. For every unexcused missed of practice in addition, a player will be suspended the equal number of sets.      Injured athletes who can attend school are expected to attend practice to support their team and be available to help where they can, even if they cannot physically participate in the practice. 

Scheduled practice time is a start time

  • Please arrive early enough. You need to be dressed and completely ready for practice by start time. This usually requires arriving no less than 15 minutes before the start time. Parents/Players must account for the traffic and allow enough time to have players at the practice site 15 minutes prior to practice. If an athlete is late arriving for practice, she/he must change into her/his practice gear, report to the coach and explain why she/he is late. The coach, at his or her sole discretion, determines if any corrective action needs to be taken.
    More practice guidelines

  • The athlete is expected to work her/his hardest in every task. We ask that each athlete give us his/her very best effort.

  • The athlete must be coachable, and willing to change technical skills and to display a positive attitude toward practice, teammates, and coaches.

WARNING: Any negative attitude or behavior by players or parents will warrant immediate removal from the practice gym, and could result in reduced playing time for players.

  • Players will not wear jewelry (including earrings) in practice or competition.

  • Players must keep their hair pulled back out of her face.

  • Players will not leave practice until all duties have been performed and their coach has released them.

  • Players must wear current team issued RVAVC apparel for each practice, and all competitions. If not, a player will be marked absent and would result in reduced playing time for players.

Other practice regulations

  • No food, no drinks, and no chewing gum are allowed in any practice facility except in designated areas. The team may be penalized if players, parents or supporters disobey this rule. Athletes are encouraged to bring water, in an unbreakable container to practices and tournaments. Absolutely no glass containers are allowed in the practice facility.

  • Volleyball shoes are carried into the practices and worn only for practice. This is to assure that the shoes last longer and the courts remain clean.

  • Practices are open to anyone interested in observing. In fact, we strongly encourage parents and others to observe practices. However, observers are to stay in designated areas and remember you are an OBSERVER, not a coach.

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