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Monday 6:15-7:15 & Wednesday 7:30-8:30

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MB Clinics Dates

January 13; 20; 29

February 3; 12; 17; 26

Marzo 16

April 6

OH/OP Clinics Dates

January 8; 15; 27

February 10; 24

March 30

Setters Clinics Dates

December 9

January 6; 13; 22; 29

February 5; 12; 19; 26

March 2; 16

Libero/DS Clinics Dates

December 16

January 6; 22

February 5; 19

Marzo 2

Passing & Defense Clinic

The most important skill in volleyball is the pass.  The first contact can be the initiation of a kill or the end of a point.  Great passers always find a way to earn playing time!  Passing is a fundamental skill that helps every team and player achieve their potential.  All positions welcome! The 1-hour clinic will work on serve receive, dig transition, down ball, and free ball defense.  Special emphasis will be placed on developing Volleyball IQ and learning the vital skills of platform passing, overhead passing, and reading a hitter/server. 

Attacking & Blocking Clinic

In this Attacking & Blocking clinic, the technical points of both skills will be broken down, taught and/or reviewed while touching on game strategies. We will review the offensive zones of the court and net so that we can discuss and practice the different types of attacks/shots that can take place in our sport. A solid block against any attack serves as a team's first line of defense. We must learn to defend our court by setting solid blocks and understanding our job and responsibility within our own team's system. These are two of the most exciting skills in our sport so let's make those little adjustments as hitters and blockers that will make a huge difference in our game!

Setting Clinic

A setter plays a huge role in the success of any team. This1 hour clinic will focus on the technical skill of setting and the tactical skill of becoming an effective game manager. This clinic will focus on how to run an offense, leadership, and the keys to effectively executing an overhead set. There will be a special focus on in-system and out-of-system setting while working on basic sets.

Serving Clinic

This1 hour clinic will teach the basics of footwork, body position, the toss, arm swing, and follow-through.  The clinic will also teach the techniques, skills, and mindset needed to serve at a consistent and accurate level.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to do various overhand and jump serves including top-spin and float serves.     

Position Clinic
Position clinic will provide detailed training for Outsides, Middles, Opposites and Setters entering grades 9-12. Each position will receive multiple repetitions in the position of their choice. These sessions will cover the fundamentals of each position as well as more advanced training in game-like situations. 

Hitting /Attacking Clinic

All hitting positions welcome - middles, outsides, and opposites. We will work on specific roles of each position, starting with the technical skills of Attacking.  The 1-hour hitting clinic is designed to break down the swing and provides hitters a ton of repetitions. Techniques will be broken down from footwork, jumping technique, arm-swing, and landing.  Special focus will also be given to ball control and shot development.

USA Volleyball Officials Training Clinic

Junior Training Materials